Your child will be grateful
to you for this enrolment
for his/her lifetime.

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School fees at Livingston
Basic fee: 9,900 CZK


What´s included:



School lessons
and Montessori materials


English lessons
from 1st grade
(min. 4 lessons per week)


Educational excursions
into companies, museums
in Prague
and neighbouring places
(min. twice per month)


School library, access
to all textbooks and other materials


Interesting guests
visiting the school


Before and after school clubs with creative programme from 7.30 am to 6 pm

Extended school fee

School fee + 2 special interest groups held in English per week = 9,900 CZK + 1,240 CZK

The school fee can be paid in one instalment – or in two for each semester.
If you enrol a sibling, they get a discount off the school fee.

3 FAQ´s before the enrolment

We will evaluate your child´s progress verbally – and based on standards that are clear from the very beginning. The teacher maintains a pedagogical report about every child. Moreover, you will quickly see an improvement in knowledge or skills by simply observing your son or daughter!
What does it mean when a child “misbehaves”? That he/she is bored or unhappy about something. The teacher will react with changing the activity. The children cooperate with teachers to set the rules of how to behave and work in classrooms and school.
The pupils have free choice of a selection of topics that has been drawn up in advance – topics which meet all requirements of Frame Educational Programme for primary schools in the Czech Republic.

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