Children are eager to fly high.
Our school will always support them.

Livingston is a private fee-paying primary school that,
instead of providing traditional education,
creates a natural space where children unique
individual talents can grow and develop.

What makes Livingston different?

Holčička umazala ne z tabule u slova nejde

We support intrinsic motivation

We do not control the child´s thirst for knowledge.
We create the correct conditions for the thirst
to be quenched.


We develop children´s talents

Not by traditional comparison with others – but
by the feeling of being satisfied with oneself.

Rozvíjíme talent dětí


We take them as equal

Children are human beings just like
the teacher – who just happens to have
more knowledge.


We prefer non-authoritarian regime

Because children learn much better
if not under pressure and threats.

We know English
is important

And that´s why we start teaching it
from the first grade, using the unique
Jolly Phonics methodology among others.


We create an intimate atmosphere

Maximum of two new classes in one year.
No more than 18 pupils in each class.

We offer Czech
for foreigners

Individual lessons for children born to foreigners
based in the Czech Republic. Programme
carried out by a specialist Lenka Siváková.


„The school is not a place
where a child is afraid to make
a mistake in front of the teacher,
but where he feels safe when learning
about the world around him.“

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