Who will be the ones to inspire
your children?

Top teachers – whom your child won´t be afraid of.
A teacher at Livingston is predominantly
a child´s advisor.

Jaroslav Pokorný

owner of the school, procurist

Jaroslav Pokorný
  • Chief executive officer
  • School development

Mgr. Šárka Hauznerová

 school director

Šárka - kruh-p1a0kpju0lg4mfpucj8s43vkm
  • school concept course manager
  • leader of the teachers team
  • school managment and communication with authorities
  • consultating with parents and children

Standa Trykar


Standa Trykar
  • teaches first to fifth-graders meaningfully
  • cooperates in development of the school educational programme
  • participates in methodology of pupil evaluation and works out topics for school excursions and trips

Studied Teaching for Primary Schools at Pedagogical Faculty of J. E. Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem (Mgr.), completed a functional study programme for school directors, studied special pedagogy at the Technical University in Liberec. Taught at primary schools in Raspenava and Jindřichovice pod Smrkem, worked as a caretaker at a foster home in Frýdlant. Participated in development and implementation of projects financed through the ESF. Attended the course To Respect and to Be Respected, is interested in alternative pedagogical methods and enjoys playing musical instruments. Is teaching at Bratská school in Prague, cooperating with Livingston as an external worker.

Magda Nováková Lindová

coordinator of English courses, English teacher

Magda Nováková
  • English courses
  • co-development of the school educational programme
  • coordination of afternoon courses/special-interest groups in English, English Day (in cooperation with agency Jeden jazyk nestačí, s.r.o.) and Play Group as a part of the after-school club

Graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of University of South Bohemia, Teaching of German and English Languages (Mgr.). Studied the same subjects at the Philosophical Faculty of Augsburg University in Germany for 10 months. In 2004, she co-founded the language school Jeden jazyk nestačí (http://www.jjn.cz/). Spent the academic year of 2006/2007 at Culford School in England where she taught English and German as foreign languages to children. Has worked as a counsellor at summer camps, teacher of English courses for adults and children, translator and certified interpreter. Attended courses of Montessori pedagogics and To Respect and to Be Respected. Regularly attends conferences and seminars for language teachers accredited by the Ministry of Education. Has two children. Likes dancing, reading and cooking.

Emily Downes

English teacher

Emily Downes
  • English teacher at ZŠ Livingston
  • Trained in the unique Jolly Phonics method

Emily is from Great Britain, where she graduated from University of Sussex with a BA in Art History. She came to Prague to acquire an international certificate for English teachers, TEFL. At our school, she teaches children to read and write through the international Jolly Phonics method. Her hobbies are arts, literature and music.

Iveta Hasenöhrlová

Teacher – preschool (for children 5-6 years old)
Afternoon programme at ZŠ Livingston

Iveta Hasenöhrlová
  • Preschool teacher
  • Afternoon programme  for children

Iveta studied Special Needs Education (bachelor’s degree). During her practical work, she developed a wide variety of teaching techniques. She is interested in augmentative forms of communication (for example, she has completed a sign language course). Before working with Livingston, she was a kindergarten teacher, and a teacher at a preparation (=adjustment) class at a primary school. Iveta was involved in projects supporting cooperation between healthy and epileptic children.

Jiří Zradička

afternoon programme at ZŠ Livingston

Jirka Zradička
  • Runs the afternoon programme for children
  • Teaches drum workshops for both children and adults at Livingston’s Leisure Centre

A while ago, Jirka completed his studies in journalism, and then went on to work as a librarian in Brandýs nad Labem. At the library, he was mainly responsible for the organization of cultural events, educational workshops, seminars and discussions. Jirka has also spent years working as a summer camp leader.

Danka Roreitnerová

Afternoon programme at ZŠ Livingston


Danka Roreitnerová
  • Afternoon programme for children
  • Teaches the ‘Little Scientist’ workshop at Livingston’s Leisure Centre

Danka is studying Biology at Charles University’s Faculty of Natural Sciences. For over three years, she worked as a teacher for the “Science is Fun“ company. She was involved in the preparation of a number of summer camps. She also organised and led an experience course for adults. Her main hobby is sports, the most favourite being climbing and Frisbee.

Anna Neumannová

afternoon programme

Anna Neumannová
  • cooperates in development of afternoon programme for children
  • plans outdoor activities and works out topics for school excursions and topics
  • cooperates in development of programme of personal development of children

Completed the studies of recreology at the Faculty of Physical Culture of the Palacký University in Olomouc (Bc., now studying the MA programme). Within the ERASMUS programme, she studied at the Faculty of Sport of the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia). In 2013, she started studying Group Analysis within the Psychotherapeutic Training IGA Prague. Attended the Summer School of Development Cooperation and the Training in Informal Education. Works as a coordinator of educational activities for Greenpeace, summer camp counsellor, instructor and volunteer (e.g. at Summer School Lipnice). Is interested in the environmental issues, mountain tourism and ecology.

Ester Lochmanová

school speech therapist

  • logopaedic meetings with pre-schoolers in Leisure Centre Livingston
  • logopaedic support for pupils – development of perception essential for school skills, treatment of speech disorders by use of orofacial techniques and myofunctional therapy
  • cooperation with all teachers

Graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University, branch Special Pedagogy – Speech Therapy – Pedagogy for Persons with Auditory Impairment. As a student, she taught children from a special logopaedic class and was a counsellor at summer camps for handicapped children. Worked for Jedličkův ústav (School for handicapped children) as a teacher´s assistant and then, after completing the postgraduate specialization, as a clinical speech therapist. In her free time, she was a consultant for Linka bezpečí (“Line of Safety” for children and teenagers in difficulties) for five years. Now, after her maternity leave, she works as a speech therapist in Psychiatric Hospital in Bohnice and in Kindergarten Duhovka. She is a mother of two pre-schoolers. Her hobbies are family and animals; is going to do Canis Therapy in the future. Likes reading and travelling.

Lucie Dobešová

school psychologist

  • school psychologist and methodologist of prevention
  • participates in methodology of pupil evaluation and further teacher education
  • cooperates in development of programme of personal development of children

Studied psychology at Charles University in Prague (PhDr.), completed a number of long-term courses in education and management of people (Socially-mental Training, Teacher at School of the 21st Century, Videotraining of Interactions, Critical Thinking, 6th Diploma Course in Montessori Pedagogics, Support of Mental Health etc.). From 2006 to 2013, she lectured courses To Respect and to Be Respected, acted as a specialist guarantor. Lectures courses With Experience to Respecting held by company Koventina (www.koventina.cz). Has been long engaged in alternative educational methods (Montessori method, Critical Thinking …) and integration of handicapped children in common schools. Worked as a school psychologist, has experience with teaching a class with pupils of mixed ages. Lived in and studied the educational system of Netherlands, lived in Sweden for a year. Mother of four. Likes gardening, reading and travelling.

Lenka Siváková

Czech for foreigners programme

Lenka Siváková
  • specialist in teaching Czech for foreigner
  • advisory in bilingual upbringing/education
  • activities for pre-schoolers as well as older pupils

Completed studies of the Czech language and Psychology at the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Plzeň) where she also acquired a certificate in teaching Czech for foreigners. Taught Czech for foreigners already during her studies. In 2010, she spent one semester studying psychology at the Paul Valéry III Montpellier University. In 2011, she had a year-lasting internship at Czech School without Borders in Paris where she was gathering materials for her diploma thesis on teaching Czech to bilingual children. Since 2008, she has been engaged in experience pedagogy and working as a lecturer of social-mental training. Taught at the Czech-German Thomas Mann Secondary School at Prague 8 within the project for children of Czech compatriots funded by the Oliva´s Fund. Likes dancing, singing, making jewellery, travelling and taking pictures.

Lenka Boučková

teacher biology – chemistry

  • methodology of teaching scientific subjects
  • Montessori workshops and using Montessori materials throughout the subjects
  • cooperation in development of the school educational programme

Graduated from the Pedagogical Faculty of the Charles University, Teaching Biology and Chemistry for Primary and Secondary Schools (PhDr.). Worked as a teacher at the binational Czech-German F. Schiller Secondary School in Pirna (Germany) for five years. Worked as a project manager for LangMaster where she was engaged with coordination and development of e-learning courses for children and adults. Attended courses of Montessori pedagogics and To Respect and to Be Respected. Has a three-year old son. Likes making Montessori materials for children, does yoga, dances, plays the piano and guitar, is interested in photography.

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